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Business Loan Assistance

UnionBank, with its vision of empowering MSMEs through digital initiatives, have already laid a lot of ground work even before the pandemic to address the challenge of access to credit. UnionBank together with Pasig Tapat will transform the way it serves and supports SMEs by extending financial assistance and economic recovery of Pasig City’s MSMEs and entrepreneurs by offering business loans and providing efficient disbursement of loans to qualified MSMEs, which are registered through the Pasig Tapat Loan Program.

UnionBank Business Loan via the SeekCap platform aims to address the need for more access to credit by offering a convenient and straight through digital application process. UnionBank's simplified process allows MSMEs to get a credit solution within minutes through our rapidly adopting APIs which pull data in real-time which is fed into our credit scoring algorithm. With this alternative scoring program, we’ve leveraged on non-traditional approaches which encourages our MSMEs to borrow from the bank to grow their business.

Our Benefits

  • Low Interest Rates
  • Easy Application
  • Fast and Secure
  • Fully Online